A Space for Inspiration: Entrepreneur Center Living Wall

Where great ideas grow. Adrian Lucas of Sassacala added this spectacular vertical garden to Catapult, a new entrepreneur center in Lakeland, Florida. “It’s a very creative space for local entrepreneurs to launch their new business ventures,” he says.

Florafelt Vertical Garden for the Entrepreneur Center in Lakeland, Florida.

Adrian used 18 of the 12-pocket planters and framed it out using old reclaimed red cedar wood that was well weathered. “The style fits the rest of the space and we are really pleased with it,” he says.

The wall is irrigated at the top, allowing water to wick down and reach every plant, but keeping the front dry and drip free. Adrian used the Florafelt recirculating system which includes a tank, pump and timer.

“So far it has been very well received by everyone that has seen it,” he says modestly. But he didn’t stop there. He also designed and added a hydroponic wall that grows herbs and lettuce for the center’s commercial kitchen!

Sassacala is a firm devoted to creating healthy living spaces. Adrian builds urban farms, living walls and more for families, schools, restaurants, community gardens and charities.

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